On 01 August 2012, The Individual Mandate will be deemed unconstitutional and Obamacare will crumble

Prediction created on Apr 18, 2012 by TheFutureGov in Politics

Probability: 50%

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TheFutureGov May 12, 2012 Vote

I suppose it is if you consider federal and state the same thing...Which unfortunately a majority of people don't understand the difference. Same Thing? No, in fact State vs. Federal is what makes all the difference with respect to sustainability and implementation. Don't get me wrong, I do agree that you believe what you say. Every state is different with respect to a multitude of forces, to assume that every single state could operate on a national plan with the same constraints is not possible. California is very different from Idaho. Iowa is very different than New York. So would it make sense to assume they could all operate the same fiscally as Obama's Plan would force. No. Romney's does not do this, state ordinance, per state, by the state. Obama's plan could not sustain fiscally, in a large portion of America Demographic. That's only one problem.

Ron May 9, 2012 Vote

You mean Romney Care? Cause its basically the Same thing.


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