On 30 September 2011, Climate Change does exist.

Prediction created on Jul 1, 2011 by pclough in Society

Probability: 82%

For Beansight, this prediction is true.

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PorkBarrel Aug 25, 2011 Vote

Of course Climate Change exists. It's how big an impact are humans to the equation.

Alexandermag89 Aug 2, 2011 Vote

Remember the industrial revolution, when there was a ton of burnt coal, and they just pumped that into the air like it was going out of style? Where is it now? Why is it that there are oil spills in the ocean every day, but the ocean is not black? Probably because the earth is a bit older and wiser than us, and it can take care of itself. It kind of specializes in cleaning up messes and purifying things. The green movement was just a political agenda ( Hitler did the same thing, but he just went on about saving trees. What do you think the Volkswagen is? The People's car) that the big corporations used as a money making scheme. Bio-degradable toilet paper...come on, it is made of wood! (they just mark up bio toilet paper 600% from the regular stuff)

jjhickcox Jul 25, 2011 Vote

Climate change is a normal part of nature and has been going on from the formation of the planet. It is an essential part of life and the planet on which we live. We did not cause it and we cannot stop it.

jeanbaptiste Jul 4, 2011 Vote

global dimming does exist and is related to human activity for sure


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