On 31 May 2011, Apple will block iPod synchronization with Spotify

Prediction created on May 4, 2011 by Cyril in Technology

Probability: 65%

For Beansight, this prediction is false with confidence.

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ahoops May 28, 2011 Vote

if they can figure out how they will do it

Noah May 13, 2011 Vote

Grooveshark>Spotify, but lol yes that seems like something Apple would do

Cyril May 12, 2011 Vote

Spotify is a great app to listen music : http://www.spotify.com/fr/

Keith May 12, 2011 Vote

What the heck is a Spotify?

AScottishWizard May 11, 2011 Vote

Why would they if they have made Spotify a vanilla app? (Need confirmation)


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